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Alec Baldwin wanted to kill Tony Soprano

While watching The Sopranos, Alec Baldwin really wanted to get himself a gun — and whack Tony. 

The actor during an appearance on the podcast Talking Sopranos recalled once pushing to get cast on the HBO show, specifically hoping to play a character who would kill Tony Soprano by the end of the series, per The Hollywood Reporter

"I called up whoever it was, I forget, and said, 'Tell them when it's time to kill [James Gandolfini] — this was early in the beginning before you get to the end — there is only one man who should whack Jimmy and ride off with Edie [Falco], and I am that man," Baldwin said. "I am the guy who needs to blow Jimmy away and take Edie, who I am madly in love with, away." 

Obviously, it didn't work out. Baldwin was never cast, and he says the response he got was essentially, "Great, we'll add your name to the list of all the Irish actors who think they should be on The Sopranos." Then again, given the series' ambiguous ending, the possibility that Baldwin actually did whack Tony and we just didn't see it can't be definitively ruled out.