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fantastic beasts and where to date them

Twitter explodes over insane trailer for Netflix's Masked Singer-esque dating show

Netflix is here with the latest entry into the growing genre of shows that sound like 30 Rock gags. 

This time, it's Sexy Beasts, which evidently seeks to do for dating shows what The Masked Singer does for singing competition shows. The reality series involves singles going on dates while wearing "elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test," and the trailer released Wednesday shows contestants dressed up like pandas, dolphins, and other animals, as well as mythical creatures and even the devil. It's based on a British series that was made for BBC Three in 2014, Variety notes

Reactions to the trailer on Twitter were, let's just say, pretty strong, ranging from "get me off this planet" to "this is why we deserve the meteor." Even one of Netflix's official accounts had to assure followers, "No, you're not hallucinating." 

According to Variety, not one but two seasons of the show are set to be released this year, and executive producer Simon Welton touted the fact that the prosthetics "look extraordinary in 4K," adding, "I hope the show puts a smile on peoples' faces." Based on Twitter's reactions, the trailer certainly put something on their faces.