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say it ain't so lizzo!

Fans are not happy that Lizzo called Chris Brown her favorite person in the world

Lizzo is facing backlash after a video of her calling Chris Brown her "favorite person in the whole f--king world" circulated this weekend on social media, Dlisted reports.

The 33-year-old singer — who was a fully sentient 21 years of age when Brown pled guilty to the felony assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna — appeared to geek out over the disgraced "King of R&B" backstage at the Millennium Tour, where Brown was a surprise guest of one of the headliners, Bow Wow. Fans were not thrilled, to say the least: "All the people in the world and Chris Brown is your favorite?" wrote one unamused Twitter user.

Others, though, pointed out that Lizzo isn't alone in questionably embracing Brown despite his multiple allegations of assault: "Chris Brown being your fave person is just really pathetic BUT 90 percent of y'all faves including mines have worked with that man so don't act brand new with Lizzo," another Twitter user chimed in.