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Alec Baldwin is 'partly responsible' for cinematographer Halyna Hutchins' death, her father alleges

The father of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer killed on the set of Rust, says he believes Alec Baldwin should be held "partly responsible" for her death.

Hutchins' father, Anatoly Androsovych, spoke with The Sun after Baldwin recently rejected responsibility for the fatal on-set shooting in an interview. "It is clear to me Baldwin fired the shot from his hand," Androsovych said, "so it's hard for me to understand how he cannot be held partly responsible for my daughter's death." 

Baldwin in an interview with ABC said that "someone is ​responsible" for the accidental on-set shooting, "and I can't say who that is, but I know it's not me." Hutchins was killed, and director Joel Souza was injured, in October after a prop gun went off while a scene was being set up.  

Speaking to The Sun, Hutchins' father said he "can't understand" some of Baldwin's recent behavior since the shooting, and he alleged, "The revolver is the type of gun which doesn't shoot before the trigger is pressed and Alec is partially guilty for causing that shot." Baldwin recently maintained to ABC that the prop gun went off when he was cocking it but that he never pulled the trigger, and he has called for answers about how live rounds ended up on the set.

"I let go of the hammer of the gun, the gun goes off," Baldwin told ABC. "...I would never point a gun at anyone and pull a trigger at them." 

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting in October, Hutchins' father said he didn't hold Baldwin responsible for her death, as "it is the responsibility of the props people who handle the guns." An investigation into the on-set shooting remains ongoing. Baldwin previously said in the ABC interview that he's been told it's unlikely he would face charges.