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the show must go on?

Louis C.K. clarifies he isn't performing in ​​Kyiv amid Russian invasion: 'My flight was canceled'

Louis C.K. would like to clarify he does not, in fact, plan to go forward with multiple stand-up shows in the middle of an ongoing Russian invasion. 

The controversial comedian had performances scheduled for Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26, and on Tuesday, a Twitter user shared an announcement stating the shows were still set to go forward. By Friday, Rolling Stone writer Tatiana Siegel reported, "I'm told that Louis CK is still doing his show in Kyiv tonight," even though Russia launched an attack against the country this week that has left more than 130 Ukrainians dead, and CNN reports U.S. intelligence officials are concerned "that Kyiv could fall under Russian control within days."

But in a new email sent to his mailing list subscribers, C.K. clarified, "I am not in Ukraine," per The New York Post. "My flight was canceled because no one can fly there now." 

Earlier, Gawker reported tickets for C.K.'s shows at the National Palace of Arts appeared to still be available on TicketHunt.com — and they were 30 percent off. But Yahoo reports that C.K., who recently performed in Tel Aviv, Israel, is currently in Amsterdam. On Friday, an event listing for C.K 's show said that "due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation, we are forced to postpone," and "new dates for the shows will be announced after the end of hostilities."