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return of the queen

Cameron Diaz is coming out of acting retirement

Cameron Diaz is back in action. 

The Charlie's Angels star is coming out of retirement and returning to acting to star in a new Netflix movie with Jamie Foxx, the streamer revealed Tuesday.  

Diaz hasn't been in a movie in nearly 10 years, as her last film was the 2014 remake of Annie, which also starred Foxx. Appropriately, the movie to bring her back is called Back in Action, an action-comedy from the director of Horrible Bosses. On Twitter, Foxx shared audio of a phone call with Diaz, in which he brings on a special guest for un-retirement advice: Tom Brady. 

"I was talking to Jamie, and he said you need a few tips on how to un-retire," Brady, who claimed he was retiring from the NFL earlier this year only to immediately come back, said. "I'm relatively successful at un-retiring."

Diaz revealed her retirement from acting in 2018, and she later explained she "needed to become self-sufficient again," as a career as an actress is "overwhelming" because "everyone is doing things for you, and you're catered around." She added, "I never felt really truly comfortable with that."

But just when she thought she was out, Netflix pulls her back in.