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QAnon star Michael Flynn recorded calling QAnon 'total nonsense,' according to Lin Wood

Michael Flynn, the retired lieutenant general hired then fired and finally pardoned by former President Donald Trump, has publicly embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory, selling QAnon merchandise, recording himself taking a QAnon oath, and making a controversial appearance at a QAnon convention in Dallas in May. He seemed less enamored with QAnon in a phone call recorded and released by former ally Lin Wood on Saturday night. 

In the recording, which Wood says is a Telegram call between himself and Flynn, the man purported to be Flynn says he thinks QAnon is "a disinformation campaign that the CIA created," adding: "I find it total nonsense. And I think it's a disinformation campaign created by the left." 

"Wood's publication of the audio comes as part of a growing feud between Wood and Flynn and other figures active in the attempt to overturn the 2020 election," The Daily Beast reports. "The fight kicked off last week when recently acquitted Kenosha shooting defendant Kyle Rittenhouse, a former Wood client, accused Wood in a Fox News interview of deliberately keeping him in jail to raise money off of his case." 

Wood accused of Flynn and other allies, like fellow pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, of abandoning him in the face of Rittenhouse's attack, and "the ensuing clash has consumed QAnon and other far-right communities over the past week," The Daily Beast reports, adding that it can't "verify the audio's authenticity, but Wood regularly records phone calls with his allies and reporters."

This call appears to have been made in early November, since Flynn points Wood to a Nov. 2 post by white supremacist radio host Hal Turner calling QAnon an embarrassing failure and endorsing mass violence. You can read more at The Daily Beast.