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Israel and Palestine

U.N. Security Council rejects Palestinian statehood resolution

A resolution pushed by Palestinian delegates to create a separate Palestinian state by 2017 failed to garner the necessary nine votes at the United Nations Security Council. Eight nations — including France, Russia, and China — supported the measure, five abstained, and the U.S. and Australian voted against it. Even if the proposal had received one more vote, a U.S. veto would have killed it.

Along with insisting on statehood and a withdrawal of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank by 2017, the draft resolution called for a peace deal with Israel within 12 months and stated that only East Jerusalem was a suitable capital for Palestine.

The U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Powers, said that the vote was rushed through without discussion and the proposal was "deeply unbalanced" and had "unconstructive deadlines that take no account of Israel's legitimate security concerns." At the same time, she said, "today's vote should not be interpreted as a victory for an unsustainable status quo."