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Jeb Bush's Hillary problem: The Bushes and Clintons have become very cozy

Jeb Bush, who earlier this week announced that he would "actively explore" a presidential run in 2016, has been notably less gung-ho about attacking Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democratic candidate, than his Republican peers. A detail in a story by Politico's Maggie Haberman might explain why:

How hard he will hit Clinton remains to be seen. He frowned on Bill Clinton's scandal involving Monica Lewinsky, according to people who've spoken with him since the former president left office, but unlike other Republicans has not attacked Clinton over it. His father has forged a deep bond with Bill Clinton through their shared worked on international relief efforts. [Politico]

Bill Clinton has also gotten pretty cozy with George W. Bush. In a GOP primary contest that is going to be partly defined on which candidate can best attack Hillary Clinton, this is going to present more than a few problems for Jeb. Even if he steps up his attacks on Hillary, it will be easy for his opponents to lump him and his family with the Clintons.