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Mixed reaction in Miami's Little Havana over Obama's Cuba policy

In Miami's Little Havana, Cuban exiles and immigrants were shocked by the news that the U.S. and Cuba will normalize diplomatic relations, The New York Times reports.

While some Cubans in Miami were happy with the announcement, many traditionalists, "who take a hard line on Cuba policy" told the Times that they were unhappy with Obama's decision, calling the move "wrongheaded and disastrous." They noted that Cuba's president, Raul Castro, offered Obama "no commitment to human rights."

"There have been too many deaths, too much blood, and too much terror, and there is no reason to throw them a life preserver," Alex Rodriguez, 63, told the Times. "The Cuban people, from the human rights perspective, still won't have the freedom to vote, the freedom of expression, the freedom of assembly, the freedom to determine their own economic future. What do they get: maybe a little bit better of an economic situation."

Others supported the decision, saying it will help businesses in Miami. Americans will travel to Cuba more and buy more Cuban products, and Miami businesses will transport them between the two countries. And it will be easier and more affordable for family members to visit each other.