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Man mails live baby chicks to ex-girlfriend to make a punny point

Normally the post-break-up box from your ex comes filled with old pictures and maybe a hoodie or two, but one scorned D.C. lover took things a step further: He mailed his ex-girlfriend 15 live baby chicks. The woman received the box containing the animals earlier this month.

The innocent little birds got caught in the break-up crossfire because of their punny potential. Yes, you guessed it: The man wanted his ex to know that there "are lots of other chicks out there." The chicks made their way to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary via the Washington Humane Society, thanks to the mailman who took them there after the recipient told him she planned to throw them away.

Incredibly, it's legal to put live birds in the mail. But it sure won't help you avoid the crazy ex stereotype.