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Obama tells Dems seeking governorships: Don't blame me when you lose

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters earlier today that the president is not responsible for Democratic candidates losing in gubernatorial elections.

"The president was looking to be supportive of these Democratic candidates for governor," Earnest said, "But ultimately, it is these governors or these candidates whose record is on the ballot."

President Obama has campaigned for Anthony Brown in Maryland and Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania, among others, the Washington Times reports, but according to Earnest, if they lose, the president is not to blame.

"Ultimately, it's the quality of these candidates that is going to be the driver of success in this election," said Earnest. He added that those taking to the polls today aren't necessarily voting with Obama in mind, but rather, are "making a decision based on the merits associated with the candidates at the top of the ballot."