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Rand Paul will hold a 2016 strategy summit one week after the midterms

In another sign that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is gearing up for a presidential run, the freshman lawmaker will huddle with strategists and advisers eight days after the midterm elections, according to National Journal.

The gathering of Paul's top lieutenants in the nation's capital has been quietly organized by Doug Stafford, his chief political strategist, who began reaching out to key figures in Paul's political world earlier this month, multiple sources told National Journal. […]

"This is the come-to-Jesus before the planned launch," said one Paul insider, who has been invited to the gathering. [National Journal]

Unlike some other presumptive candidates, Paul has done little to hide his interest in a presidential bid. He's needled his potential primary rivals in speeches and op-eds, and by March he already had a campaign network up and running in all 50 states.