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HBO expressly prohibits nude actresses from wearing pasties

Whether or not you've actually seen HBO's Game of Thrones, you're probably aware that it contains at least two things: dragons and breasts. But while the fantasy drama is, indeed, packed with female nudity, it turns out that's not just the indulgence of the show's creative team — it's standard HBO policy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, an ongoing lawsuit has allegedly revealed that HBO has a policy that specifically prohibits "the use of 'pasties' in sex scenes." (Depending on context, "pasties" are either delicious baked goods from England or small patches designed to cover nipples. In this case, HBO means the latter.)

The policy came to light as part of a contentious and ongoing legal battle between actress Anne Greene and the producers of Femme Fatales, a soft-core anthology series that airs on Cinemax, a network owned and operated by HBO. Greene is suing the companies behind Femme Fatales for sexual harassment over charges that she would never have agreed to the role if she'd been aware it required extensive nudity (sans pasties) and simulated sex; the companies are counter-suing, arguing that Greene's contract expressly included a nudity rider.