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doggone it

NBC is developing a Marley and Me TV show

NBC is developing a pilot for a TV series that would serve as a sequel to the 2008 family film Marley and Me. If you're even remotely familiar with Marley & Me, you're probably confused by that sentence.

Deadline reports that the Marley and Me TV series will begin several years after the movie, which (spoiler alert) ended with Marley's death, because even the purest joys are a mere fraction of a blip in this tragic comedy we call life.

In the new series, the Grogans will adopt a new puppy "as will-full, destructive and delightful" as Marley. They'll even call her Marley, because the best way to honor a beloved dog is finding a different dog and molding it into a carbon-copy replacement.

Yes, Marley and Me without Marley is sort of like a Thanksgiving dinner made up entirely of side dishes — but hey, maybe you'll fall in love with the new dog before the TV show heartlessly kills her off.