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Hitler was reportedly addicted to meth

A new report suggests that Adolf Hitler was a "regular user of crystal meth."

The Independent first reported the news, attributing the revelation to a 47-page American Military Intelligence dossier. The report allegedly details Hitler's hypochondriac tendencies and the 74 medications he took, including methamphetamines.

The dossier reportedly suggests that Hitler became addicted to drugs in 1936, thanks to his doctor, Theodor Morell. The report allegedly states that Hitler took methamphetamines before his final meeting with Benito Mussolini in July, 1943. Last year, letters written by Nobel prize winner Heinrich Boll were published that suggested some Nazi troops took crystal methamphetamines "to maintain wakefulness," but Hitler's alleged reliance on 74 different medications is a new development.

However, as Lauren Davis at io9 notes, it's not clear that The Independent actually saw the dossier — they interviewed Bill Panagopoulos, an "American collector who discovered the dossier." The dossier itself is the subject of an upcoming documentary, Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit, which airs on Oct. 19, but as of now, the report has yet to be confirmed.