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Bill O'Reilly took a poll on legalizing weed. You'll never guess what happened next.

When Bill O'Reilly issued a poll on his site about marijuana legalization, he probably didn't expect users to come out swinging for the pro-weed crowd. And yet, that's exactly what happened.

On July 28, Bill O'Reilly asked his site's visitors their opinions on "the move to legalize marijuana for recreational use." The poll had two answer choices: "It should be legal, like alcohol" and "Dangerous idea with many unintended consequences."

That's an echo of Bill O'Reilly's own statement on Monday night that "the legalization of marijuana is still full of unintended consequences." But after more than 68,000 people responded, 89 percent of those polled said that marijuana should be legalized, "like alcohol."

Now, it's possible O'Reilly's online poll got hijacked. Online polls are notoriously unreliable, because respondents are just whoever decides to click. Still, previous polls by Gallup and Pew have shown that a majority of Americans support legal weed, and seeing the data reinforced on a right-wing website really drives home the fact. Check out the screenshots of the poll, taken Thursday afternoon, below. --Meghan DeMaria