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Breaking Bad is the most binge-watched TV show ever

You're not the only one still catching up on AMC's hit drama — a new study from TiVo found that Breaking Bad is the most commonly binge-watched TV show.

The company defined "binge-watching" as three or more episodes in one day — which seems pretty conservative, once you get into the drama of Walter White's life. Thirty-five percent of the 15,000 people surveyed admitted to binge-watching Breaking Bad, with House of Cards and Game of Thrones trailing close behind at 29 and 25 percent each, respectively.

The most shocking number, though, is that 91 percent of respondents admitted to binge-watching a TV show at some point, and 40 percent had binge-watched within the past week. Most impressively — or horrifyingly, depending on your point of view — 14 percent of respondents had watched an entire season of a TV show over the course of a week.

According to the study, the most popular genres for binge-watching are dramas and crime dramas, followed by reality shows, sitcoms, and home improvement shows.