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Glenn Beck reveals family history of rape and abuse

Glenn Beck reveals family history of rape and abuse

On the heels of airing a controversial skit that some said mocked campus rape, Glenn Beck is revealing a family history of rape and abuse. Saying he was tired of "being accused of standing with abusers," Beck noted that his father was repeatedly raped by different men — once while staying at a YMCA after running away from home, once by a man he caddied for, and once by a religious leader.

"My family is a shipwreck," he said tearfully. He continued:

"I have the sickness of self doubt. I have been passed generationally, the sickness — the effects, even if they are removed directly from you, you still feel the effects of what happened. And abuse was happening in my family, and I told my father... ten years ago that it would stop. Because it was now being passed to the grandchildren. He said it would. I said, 'It will dad, because if it doesn't, I will end it.' It was physical abuse, but it was not sexual abuse, at that time. My father never abused any of us sexually, that I know of. But my family has felt the ramifications of his abuse, and has felt the sexual abuse by others..." [YouTube]

Watch the full video below. --Matt K. Lewis