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Lawmakers are just like us!

47 members of Congress are still paying off their student loans, too

Student debt.

Yep, even your elected legislators are artfully ducking calls from Fannie Mae. It’s news that’s sure to either make you smile with vengeful glee or depress the hell out of you.

According to new stats released from OpenSecrets.org, which tracks money in politics, the number of lawmakers saddled with student debt increased from 41 members in 2012 to 47 in 2013. Most of the debtors are House members and only three are in the Senate.

The average amount of debt these legislators owe is about $68,500, but at least six owe more than twice that. And curiously, more Republicans (28) have student debt than Democrats (19). So, I guess not all government programs are frowned upon, eh, GOP?