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Take as many selfies as you want at the world's first selfie museum


Have you ever found yourself at a museum, wishing you could get closer to a Van Gogh in order capture that perfectly artsy selfie — only to have your plans foiled by an eagle-eyed gallery employee who sternly tells you to put that selfie stick away?

The Phillippines' Art in Island museum is here to help.


(Facebook/Art In Island)

"Whenever you visit an art museum, you are always expected to just look around quietly. You are not allowed to touch anything or take pictures. You don’t even have a single proof of you being there," Art in Island's owners write on the museum's Facebook page. "Art In Island allows visitors to interact and have fun with the art pieces. You can take as much [sic] pictures and videos as you want!"

Art in Island, which calls itself the "world's first selfie museum," encourages guests to touch, climb through, and even sit on 3D approximations of some of the world's most famous pieces of art. While all the works are reproductions, selfie aficionados haven't seemed to care. After all, that Instagram of you kissing the Mona Lisa reproduction at Art In Island will definitely get more likes than a blurry picture you tried to snap of the real thing at the Louvre. — Samantha Rollins

(Facebook/Art In Island)