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Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus says the show is common ground for Justices Kagan, Scalia

Veep: Bringing Supreme Court justices together, one expletive-filled episode at a time.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays in-over-her-head Vice President Selina Meyer on the show, sat down for a Q&A on Thursday night, covered by Vulture. One of her more surprising fans? Justice Antonin Scalia: 

Louis-Dreyfus met Justice (Elena) Kagan at a White House state dinner and began chatting when the judge revealed that the show has an interesting fan on the other side of the aisle — specifically, Justice Scalia… Not only that, but as Kagan related to JLD, 'She was saying that she gets together once a week with Justice Scalia, and they make a deliberate effort not to talk politics or [work]. They talk about Veep … So they have found common ground.' (Vulture)

Of course, technically Veep is about politics, but it looks like the justices are giving themselves a pass. Read more highlights from Louis-Dreyfus' interview, over at Vulture.