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Famed Austin pitmaster Aaron Franklin tells Jimmy Kimmel how to smoke a brisket

Franklin Barbecue has drawn long lines of meat-eaters since its opening in downtown Austin in 2009, and owner/pitmaster Aaron Franklin told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday's Kimmel Live that people typically wait six hours for a bite of his barbecue. Barbecue in Texas means sausage and brisket, and Franklin was on Hollywood Blvd. to talk about the art of the brisket, for Kimmel, Guillermo, guest Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother), and the crowd gathered outside the roped-off grilling station.

The process of smoking a brisket is long and a bit messy, but it isn't rocket science: You need a brisket, a sharp knife, a smoker, spices — Franklin says he uses a 50-50 mix of salt and pepper — and at least 14 hours. Watch below for some pointers, a bit of history, and a tantalizing look at meat you cannot eat from where you are sitting right now. —Peter Weber