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The Obamas hosted a private dance party with Prince, Stevie Wonder, 500 guests last weekend

If you want to have a hush-hush dance party at your house, don't invite Al Sharpton.

Sharpton's tweet is one of the few reasons we know that on Saturday night, President Obama and his wife had a private party with about 500 guests, where Prince and Stevie Wonder performed during at least two hours of dancing. The event wasn't on Obama's public calendar, and while White House press secretary Josh Earnest confirmed on Monday that the private party took place, he said nothing else except that the Obamas "did it on their own dime," using no taxpayer money.

Some Republican Party officials complained that the party is another way Obama has failed to run a transparent White House, but former White House officials seem mostly impressed that the Obamas pulled this off. "I think it's remarkable that they kept it this quiet," LBJ social secretary Bess Abell told The New York Times. "I don't know of another party this size that was kept that quiet." Laura Bush's White House chief of staff Anita McBride noted the "kind of talent" involved, adding: "It's hard to do anything privately these days." You can get a hint at the alleged guest list at the New York Post's Page Six.