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This company rents crowds to politicians, including one presidential candidate

Are you a politician struggling to get people to like you? Just once, would you like a crowd chanting your name? Well, this is America, so of course you can buy that.

Crowds on Demand is a company that offers enthusiastic, diverse crowds to politicians (and other would-be celebrities) who aren't attracting the level of interest they might like. All crowd members are required to sign non-disclosure agreements to avoid embarrassing news reports, and crowd members are also prepped to speak with the media.

The client list is kept secret for obvious reasons, but CEO Adam Swart says his business has worked with "dozens of candidates in the U.S. primarily but not exclusively Republican." Though most clients have been congressional candidates, Swart claims one presidential candidate has used his services. After making headlines for attracting just four people to a campaign stop in Iowa this month, perhaps Rick Santorum will be hiring some crowds soon?