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Supreme Court

This was the craziest thing written about the Supreme Court's big ObamaCare decision

Conservatives are reeling from the Supreme Court's decision on Thursday to uphold a crucial component of the Affordable Care Act, with two conservatives — Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy — joining the court's four liberals to hand the Obama administration a ringing victory.

Conservatives are wondering how this could have happened, with some saying Roberts has betrayed the cause. Others are so flabbergasted that Roberts would actually agree with the White House that they're grasping for different explanations. Wayne Root, the Libertarian Party's vice presidential candidate in 2008, is one of those, writing an article for The Blaze asking, "Was Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Blackmailed?" He explains:

[S]omething clearly smells rotten in Washington, D.C. Like "the mafia delivering a dead fish to your door" rotten. Conservatives just won national elections in a massive wave, a historic landslide. We control both houses of Congress; we control the Supreme Court, yet we continue to lose every key vote in Congress and every key Supreme Court ruling. [The Blaze]

The only conceivable explanation, Root says, is that "Obama and his socialist cabal" are up to something fishy. He asks:

Am I being too cynical? Really? Did anyone suspect former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was a child molester who committed crimes with underage boys? [The Blaze]

Root concludes:

Republicans are being blackmailed, intimidated, extorted, and bribed. That explains Justice Roberts and the Supremes ruling against the American People again. That explains why conservatives keep winning elections, yet we keep gaining nothing and losing everything. It's all been fixed.

The Obama Crime Family is in charge. [The Blaze]

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