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Bobby Jindal has found his 2016 message: Disband the Supreme Court!

What's loving the Constitution done for you lately?

If you're down in the polls, the answer is "not a lot." After the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide today, some of the 2016 Republican candidates lambasted the justices as not just wrong, but illegitimate. Former Arkansas governor and 2016 GOP candidate Mike Huckabee set the stage with his statement, "I will not acquiesce to an imperial court," but Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal kicked in the finisher: "If we want to save some money let's just get rid of the court."

While the 2016 frontrunners don't go that far — Jindal is polling at a whopping 2 percent — that last statement does represent the bewildering if natural next step to the "illegitimate" argument. And who knows: In a world in which Donald Trump can take second place in a presidential primary, it might just work.