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Donald Trump's campaign bus has been turned into a subversive art piece

A Donald Trump campaign bus that was listed for sale on Craigslist in late September has been purchased, though the seller may not be too happy with the result.

Steve Drake, who leased the bus to Trump's Iowa campaign and describes himself as a supporter, put the bus on Craigslist after the campaign was done with it, since he "figured [he] could sell it while it's hot, while Donald's hot." Well, it sold — to a subversive artist who is now using it for his own anti-Trump agenda, Artnet News reports.

Pseudonymous artist t.Rutt is in the process of driving the bus from Iowa to Philadelphia, and then on to Miami for the Conception Art Fair, all in an attempt to "drive Mr. Trump possibly out of the race," according to David Gleeson, one of the artists helping to prep the bus for the fair. The word "TRUMP," which was once emblazoned on both sides of the bus, has been replaced with "t.Rutt," for example. But the pranks don't stop there:

All along the trip, people will be invited to throw fruit punch at Trump banners on the side of the bus, in reference to Trump's speculation that Fox News host Megyn Kelly was rough on him during the first Republican presidential debate because she was menstruating. The bus will be marked with the slogan #MakeFruitPunchGreatAgain.

The artist will also invite people to write lines from the Constitution on the bus in their native languages, a jab at the candidate's positions on immigration and birthright citizenship. [Artnet]

Drake is not happy about it, apparently. "The guy who sold [t.Rutt] the bus is trying to track him down," a representative for the artist said. "He's quite literally pissed."