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Donald Trump's campaign bus is for sale on Craigslist

Buses don't really seem to be Donald Trump's style, which might be why his campaign is giving up its Iowa party bus, which is up for sale for $15,000 on Craigslist. Emblazoned in blue and plastered with the slogan "TRUMP — Make America Great Again," the classy ride isn't actually owned by Team Trump, but instead by Steve Drake, a self-professed Trump supporter who rents out party buses in Des Moines, The Des Moines Register reports. Drake was approached by former Apprentice star Tana Goertz, who works for Trump, and asked to rent out the bus to the campaign while the team trekked around Iowa; since then, Trump's plans in Iowa have changed. So now Drake is stuck with a TRUMP-branded bus.

"I figured if I could sell it while it's hot, while Donald's hot, I would try to do that," Drake told The Des Moines Register. "If not, I'll just keep it and use it."

The Craigslist posting has the rather modest description, "I have a party bus for sale $15,000 obo was recently used for the Donald Trump campaign for more info contact Mark or Steve." Drake says the vehicle has seen its share of road: It's got over 1 million miles on it. That said, it's equipped with a bathroom, generator, TV and satellite hookup, and hey, the transmission's even been upgraded to an automatic. Look at it that way, and maybe the TRUMP bus is a steal.