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Late Night Tackles 2016

Seth Meyers takes a look at Donald Trump and the white supremacists who love him

A group of white nationalists is robo-calling voters in Iowa to urge them to support Donald Trump in the Republican caucuses next month — a point Seth Meyers jumped on Tuesday night to take his "closer look" at white nationalist support for Trump, and race issues in the GOP more generally. Meyers noted that the caller, Jared Taylor of a group called American Renaissance, isn't officially affiliated with the Trump campaign, but that other white nationalists have also spoken in support of Trump, including former KKK leader David Duke. "Clearly there's something about Trump's rhetoric that appeals to racial resentment and division, but this is an important point: It's not just Trump," Meyers said. "The Republican Party's race problem extends well beyond him." And if you haven't heard Maine Gov. Paul LePage's comments about drug traffickers, well, watch below. Peter Weber