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Super Tuesday 2016

Ted Cruz says Super Tuesday wins prove he is the only candidate that can beat Donald Trump

In his Super Tuesday victory speech, Ted Cruz called on the Republican candidates who have yet to win a primary or caucus to "prayerfully consider" exiting the race so they can all come together, united against Donald Trump.

Cruz won his home state of Texas and Oklahoma, and said his campaign is now "entering a new phase." With five candidates left, the field "remains divided," he said, and "Donald Trump's path to the nomination remains more likely." A Trump nomination would be a "disaster for Republicans, for conservatives, and for the nation," Cruz added, and he has proven that his campaign is the only one that has "beaten, that can beat, and will beat Donald Trump."

Cruz continued to poke at Trump, bringing up eloquent statements from FDR and JFK and then comparing them to Trump's words, which would "make you embarrassed if your children repeated them." Cruz said the president needs to "make us all proud," and should "inspire hope in us all," not be a "profane" "Washington dealmaker." Cruz did spend some time touting his own record, saying he is a "proven conservative" who has "fought consistently for working men and women and to defend the Constitution."