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Donald Trump, Republican National Committee leaders discuss party unity

Days after saying he was felt the Republican National Committee has treated him "very unfairly," Donald Trump met with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Thursday in Washington to discuss party unity.

At the CNN Republican Town Hall on Tuesday, Trump also said he wouldn't stand by his pledge to support the party's nominee, but he tweeted after his visit he had a "very nice meeting" with Priebus and other GOP leaders and was "looking forward to bringing the Party together — and it will happen!"

Priebus said the meeting, which lasted less than an hour, was scheduled days ago, and the pair discussed the process heading into the party convention in July, Reuters reports. While Trump is the frontrunner, there may well be a contested convention, and Priebus told Fox News they "did talk about unity and working together and making sure when we go to Cleveland, and come out of Cleveland, that we're working in the same direction."