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Donald Trump's son-in-law's newspaper endorses Donald Trump

Surprising exactly no one, the New York Observer, published by Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, has endorsed Trump in the state's Republican primary.

The editorial doesn't tiptoe around the fact that the two are related — the very first sentence is, "Donald Trump is the father-in-law of the Observer's publisher." However, the editors contend that this is not "a reason to endorse him. Giving millions of disillusioned Americans a renewed sense of purpose and opportunity is."

Much of the screed rips the media and "elites" of all stripes, accusing them of thinking Trump's supporters are "unwashed mongrels" backing a "buffoon." Anti-Trump opinions are becoming "increasingly irrelevant," the editorial maintains, and Trump is successful because his "optimism" is "tapping into the pent-up desire of millions of voters to make America great again." For that to occur, people need to depend on "faith and leadership" and not on an "SAT-like cramming of policy details."

The paper claims it made a "full and fair assessment" of the other candidates, and found Cruz to be potentially "the most disliked person ever to sit in the United States Senate" and Kasich a "decent enough fellow." The editorial concludes by comparing Trump to Ronald Reagan, who was "derided for being 'just an actor,'" and calls on Republicans who "care about the future of the party" to "reach out to Mr. Trump and help him grow as a candidate and a leader."