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New York Daily News endorses Hillary Clinton, calls her a 'superprepared warrior realist'

The New York Daily News editorial board has "strongly endorsed" Hillary Clinton in the New York Democratic primary, saying she is "unsparingly clear-eyed about what's wrong with America while holding firm to what's right with America."

Clinton's proposals are "shaped for the world in which we live, not the world in which we might wish to live," the editorial states. "By any stretch of the imagination — except that of [Bernie] Sanders — they stand as the highflying progressive wish list of a results-driven candidate." Both Clinton and Sanders met with the editorial board, and they found Clinton to be a "superprepared warrior realist" and Sanders a "fantasist who's at passionate war with reality." Clinton "fully understands the toll that adverse economic forces have taken on the country," the glowing editorial continues, and "is supremely knowledgeable about the powers a president can wield to lift fortunes in need of lifting."

The editorial took a sharp turn when it came to talking about Sanders, saying he "proved utterly unprepared for the Oval Office while confirming that the central thrusts of his campaign are politically impossible." His tax increases would mostly fall on the wealthy, but "also hammer average middle-income earners to the tune of $4,700 a year," causing "epic economic damage." When it comes to foreign affairs, the board feels he's "at sea," and he was at a "loss to show" how he would execute a "shock-and-awe bank-busting campaign that would risk global financial chaos."