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CollegeHumor brutally mocks 'Bernie Math'

The comedians at CollegeHumor are maybe getting a little sick of reading the comments from their Bernie Sanders–supporting friends on Facebook. On Monday, they posted "Why Bernie Sanders Is Actually Winning," and yes, they are being sarcastic. The premise of the video is that a young dude is having trouble with his "Advanced Bernie Math" homework, and his Bernie-supporting father comes in to help. The student reads the math problem: "Hillary Clinton currently has 1,930 delegates, all right? Bernie Sanders 1,189 delegates. Explain how Bernie Sanders is actually winning, like the internet says he is." The father asks, "Did you remember that he's winning, but the lamestream media isn't reporting it?"

It only gets more pointed from there. Be warned, there is one fleeting f-bomb, and you may get some ugly comments if you share this on Facebook. Still good? Watch below. Peter Weber