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Clinton v Sanders

Hillary Clinton wins Nebraska Democratic primary, earning her zero delegates

With Donald Trump the only Republican left in the race, his win in the Republican primary in Nebraska on Tuesday was hardly surprising, and arguably not very significant. But Hillary Clinton's win in Nebraska on Tuesday was less significant, since she already lost the Nebraska Democratic caucus to Bernie Sanders back in March, 57 percent to 43 percent (earning him 15 delegates to Clinton's 10).

So Clinton's victory is pretty meaningless, though she did earn "Nebraska bragging rights," says Robynn Tysver at the Omaha World-Herald. Especially since more people voted in the meaningless Democratic primary than the Democratic caucus. So why did Clinton lose in March but win on Tuesday? It's kind of par for the course in an election where Sanders has won more caucuses and Clinton more primaries. "(Caucuses) tend to be low-voter turnout events, where there is a real high participation by people who feel strongly about a candidate," Randy Adkins, a political scientist at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, told the World-Herald. "Primaries tend to draw more moderate voters."