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Paul Ryan scrambles to distance himself from Donald Trump's attack on judge

Just a day after House Speaker Paul Ryan endorsed Donald Trump for president, he was already seeking to distance himself from the presumptive GOP nominee. On Friday, Ryan denounced Trump's racially-charged remarks about U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel in a Wall Street Journal article published Thursday. Trump said Curiel's "Mexican heritage" posed "an inherent conflict" with him presiding over a civil lawsuit against Trump University.

"Look, the comment about the judge the other day just was out of left field for my mind," Ryan said, completely unprompted, during a Friday interview on WISN radio. "It's reasoning I don't relate to. I completely disagree with the thinking behind that. And so, he clearly says and does things I don't agree with, and I've had to speak up from time to time when that has occurred, and I'll continue to do that if it's necessary. I hope it's not."