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but it's the workers' fault

USA Today investigation reveals Donald Trump has an extensive history of not paying workers

On Thursday, USA Today published an in-depth investigation into Donald Trump's 3,500 lawsuits from the last 30 years that revealed yet another area of inconsistency for the presumptive GOP nominee: paying his employees. In the last three decades, USA Today found that Trump has faced at least 60 lawsuits from people accusing him of "failing to pay them for their work," and more than 200 mechanics liens filed by contractors and employees against Trump allege that he owes them money. On top of that, Trump's companies have been cited 24 times since 2005 for violating the Fair Labor Standards act by "failing to pay overtime or minimum wage," USA Today reports.

Trump claims that he has only ever shorted workers "when somebody does a bad job." "Let's say that they do a job that's not good, or a job they didn't finish, or a job that was way late," Trump said. "I'll deduct from their contract, absolutely. That's what the country should be doing."

Interestingly enough, those "bad" jobs often didn't stop Trump from hiring those same workers again.

Read the full story on Trump's failure to pay everyone from painters and dishwashers to his own lawyers over at USA Today.