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Check out these awesome baseball cards for the 'athletes' in the Congressional ballgame

Who ever would have thought that Democrats are better at baseball than Republicans? That all might change Thursday evening, though, in the 79th Congressional ballgame, where the Democratic members of Congress will try to tack an eighth victory to their seven-year winning streak. The standing records are 39-38-1 for Democrats and 38-39-1 for Republicans.

In celebration of the event, which has been played more or less annually since 1909, political data website Quorum has released "baseball cards" for all of the participating players. "The back of the cards feature key statistics such as Members' top issues, the number of bills they have sponsored, and the percentage of their sponsored bills that have been enacted, just to name a few," Quorum explains.

(Jack Harris for Quorum)

Root root root for your team of preference, and browse all of the cards over at Quorum.