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Far-right leaders celebrate Brexit: 'Europe will fall'

Here's a fun Brexit game you can play: Are these apocalyptic sci-fi movie quotes, or real quotes from far-right leaders across Europe?

Take, for example, these totally calm and normal words from Germany's Alternative Für Deutschland MEP Beatrix von Storch: "Something has been started in Europe, and it cannot be stopped. Once one country is out, Europe will fall."

But for Remain supporters, there will be no Batman to swoop in to save the day. "This is the beginning of the end for the EU," Peter Lundgren of the far-right Sweden Democrats — formerly a white supremacy group — told The Daily Mail. "So many other countries will follow the UK. Europe will fall."

In case you were still wondering what, exactly, is going to be falling, Lundgren added, "It's just a matter of time. Britain has set a precedent. Other member states will follow and the whole thing will fall apart. It will happen very soon."

There are plenty of valid reasons to support the Brexit — you just shouldn't have to sound like a supervillain while doing it.