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Late Night Tackles Trump

Ex-Doctor Who actor David Tennant reads Scottish mean tweets about Donald Trump

On Monday's Full Frontal, Samantha Bee lit into Great Britain for voting to leave the European Union — or at least the parts of the U.K. that did vote to leave. "What were you thinking England and Wales?" she asked. "Screwing over the rest of the world by voting stupidly? That's our job." She sourly noted that anti-immigration fervor seemed to be the deciding factor for the Leave campaign, and saved some special scorn for leading Brexit advocate and "insufferable frog-faced wanker" Nigel Farage.

Then she noted that Donald Trump immediately waded into the Brexit melee, landing in Scotland — which voted heavily to Remain in the EU — and congratulating it on taking its country back. "Oh boy, you just confused England and Scotland — they love that," Bee said. "Trump immediately got dragged by British Twitter — it's like Black Twitter, except 87 percent not," she added. "Gee, I wish I had a real Scotsman to read their tweets to you." David Tennant, a previous regeneration of Doctor Who, stepped up, and his recitation of some choice 140-character invectives was like the Jimmy Kimmel "mean tweets" bits, but with a Scottish brogue, without the sad music, and much more NSFW. Watch below. Peter Weber