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Hillary Clinton reads mean quotes from Donald Trump for Jimmy Kimmel

Donald Trump tweets out so many outrageous and colorful comments, that the Jimmy Kimmel Live crew must have its reasons for asking Hillary Clinton to read actual Trump quotes — not tweets — on Monday's show. The quotes were on folded pieces of paper in a fishbowl with a Trump wig on top, and there was a catch, as Kimmel explained: "If you are able to read them without laughing, you get to keep the bowl." Clinton's ability to keep a straight face was either an encouraging trait for the woman who could soon be dealing with world leaders as commander in chief, or deflating. One quote, about firing "fat" Rosie O'Donnell, earned an unfeigned glare from Clinton. "That's not funny," she said. And the next quote, Clinton chose not to read at all. Kimmel did, and when the audience groaned, he said, "We didn't make these up." Watch below. Peter Weber