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The ridiculous hysteria over Hillary Clinton's coughing fits, in 4 tweets

Hillary Clinton is too sick to be the next president of the United States. Just look at her: She coughs and sniffles, so violently that sometimes she can barely speak! And she's trying to play off her failing health as mere allergies!

This is a big concern, voters. And Fox News host Sean Hannity took to his radio show Tuesday, along with his guest, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, to get to the bottom of Hillary's hacking:

Gingrich is a noted supporter of Donald Trump, and was reportedly on the GOP nominee's short-list for the vice presidency. Presumably, his ability to dissect the biggest political developments of the day was one of the many qualities that endeared him to Team Trump:

You see, Clinton is frail. She doesn't look presidential, just "in general," as Trump has helpfully pointed out, and all this wheezing and wavering of voice is the behavior of a woman diseased. No one healthy and fit for White House work coughs this much--

Oh. Maybe it is just allergies?