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Donald Trump is reportedly 'the least transparent U.S. presidential candidate in modern history'

If Ronald Reagan popularized the dictum "trust, but verify," Donald Trump's maxim might be described as "trust me, and I might verify at some future date." When a Trump lawyer assured everyone on Wednesday that Melania Trump had not skirted U.S. immigration laws, for example, he provided no evidence and raised new questions about her green card. And when Trump released a four-paragraph letter last December testifying to his "astonishingly excellent" health, the letter contained almost no details. Trump will presumably fill out his heath picture some when he appears on the Dr. Oz TV show on Thursday — the teaser for the show, taped Wednesday, shows Trump handing Dr. Mehmet Oz two sheets of paper, then cuts out.

"Despite these high-profile gestures, Trump remains the least transparent major presidential nominee in modern history," say Jenna Johnson and Mary Jordan at The Washington Post. The article — it isn't an op-ed or opinion column — cites Trump's refusal to release his tax returns, or document his "tens of millions" of dollars to charity, or show evidence that the fast-food-loving 70-year-old is as healthy as he claims to be. The article notes the irony:

At the same time, Trump and his aides are criticizing rival Hillary Clinton as secretive and demanding more information from her about her emails and health. Many Democrats also see Trump's refusal to release basic information as hypocritical since for years, he was one of the loudest voices demanding that President Obama release his birth certificate to prove he was born in Hawaii and qualified to be president. Trump also called on Obama to release his college applications, school transcripts and passport applications. [The Washington Post]

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