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Donald Trump's dizzying history of birtherism, in just 3 minutes

"We all agree: He was born, okay."

That's about as generous as Donald Trump is willing to get about the circumstances surrounding President Barack Obama's American citizenship. This week, the issue of Trump's birtherism has resurfaced, as he refused Thursday night to say outright that he knows Obama was born in the U.S. — though his campaign subsequently released a statement confirming that fact, and Trump's knowledge of it. (Obama was born in Hawaii, as proven by his publicly available long-form birth certificate, which he released in 2011.)

Trump was an early, adamant promoter of the birther theory — and he's somehow managed to give the issue legs through the 2016 election, one where Obama isn't even on the ballot. Below, a video summary of Trump's multi-year campaign of doubt against Obama's heritage, courtesy of Media Matters. Kimberly Alters