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Donald Trump just set the GOP record for the most small donations in a presidential campaign

Never before has a Republican presidential candidate enjoyed as much success with small donors as Donald Trump has. Politico reported Monday that, particularly in the last "few months," Trump has "unleashed an unprecedented deluge of small-dollar donations for the GOP":

Trump has only been actively soliciting cash for a few months, but when he reveals his campaign's financials later this week they will show he has crushed the total haul from small-dollar donors of the last two Republican nominees, John McCain and Mitt Romney — during the entirety of their campaigns.

All told, Trump is approaching, and has possibly already passed, $100 million from donors who have given less than $200, according to an analysis of available Federal Election Commission filings, the campaign's public statements, and people familiar with his fundraising operation. It is a threshold no previous Republican has ever achieved in a single campaign. And Trump has done so less than three months after signing his first email solicitation for donors on June 21 — a staggering speed to collect such a vast sum. [Politico]

Now, Trump still has a long way to go before he catches up to the likes of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and President Obama, both known for their small donation prowess. However, Politico reported that while Hillary Clinton still holds the lead with 2.3 million donors at the end of August, Trump's campaign reported he has "zoomed to 2.1 million donors in the last three months alone."

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