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Donald Trump might put one of his foremost conservative critics on the Supreme Court

Apparently Donald Trump isn't holding a grudge against Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R), who led the efforts to derail Trump's nomination at the Republican National Convention in July — at least, if Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees is any indication. When Trump's latest short-list surfaced Friday, Lee's name was front and center.

Just a few months ago, Lee was one of the two anti-Trump delegates heading the charge to get a state-by-state roll call vote on the convention rules that, Politico reported, culminated in pro-Trump and anti-Trump Republicans "shouting at each other on national television." Back in June, Lee slammed some of Trump's statements as "religiously intolerant" and requested "assurances" that Trump wouldn't lead as an "authoritarian." And before that, Lee openly admitted Trump "scares me to death."

Unsurprisingly, Lee was quick to decline even the possibility of a Supreme Court nomination from Trump. "Sen. Lee already has the job he wants which is why he is campaigning to represent the great people of Utah again this year," Lee spokesman Conn Carroll told Politico on Friday morning.

Luckily, Trump has some other options. Check them out, below. Becca Stanek