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for superstition's sake

Trump's election night party will be a modest event at a Hilton hotel in midtown Manhattan

Donald Trump's election night festivities won't include huge crowds or his prized hotels. Instead, the Trump campaign announced Wednesday night, the candidate is opting for a more intimate, invitation-only affair at the New York Hilton Midtown just for "friends and supporters of the Trump-Pence campaign," the statement said.

The hotel boasts a 3.5-star rating on Trip Advisor and some online images of the hotel's ballroom indicate there will be some subtle glimmers of gold around. The grand ballroom, which the hotel claims is the "largest grand ballroom" in all of Manhattan, can fit "more than 3,000 guests."

Still, why wouldn't Trump opt for an event at, say, Trump Tower, where he announced his candidacy in June 2015? Though the building is actually 10 stories shorter than Trump says it is, surely there would still be ample space for all of the campaign's friends and supporters. Trump's name is already in bold letters on the building's exterior, and the interior boasts more than a mere glimmer of gold. Even better, the guests could enjoy some of the "best" taco bowls, made fresh in Trump Tower.

Daily Intelligencer reported Trump might have made the out-of-character choice because he is "'superstitious' and doesn't want to jinx things," a person familiar with Trump's plans said. Or, The Washington Port reported, it could also have a something to do with that $10,000 fine Trump had to pay the city of New York for holding campaign events in a "privately owned public space."

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, will be two miles away in a building with a literal glass ceiling.