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Anti-Trump protest in Portland, Oregon, turns destructive and police blame 'anarchists'

The second night of protests against President-elect Donald Trump were generally smaller in cities around the country, but in Portland, Oregon, police blamed a small group of "anarchists" for the "riot" that grew out of a largely peaceful protest of some 4,000 demonstrators downtown. Some protesters smashed store windows, damaged a car lot, threw firecrackers, hurled objects at police, and ignited a dumpster fire. Early Friday morning, Portland police said they had arrested 26 people and "deployed less lethal munitions such as OC spray and vapor (pepper spray), rubber ball distraction devices, rubber baton rounds."

As the protest started getting destructive, the Portland Police tweeted out this ominous, poorly worded message:

Before the mayhem, Trump suggested on Twitter that the "professional protesters" had been "incited by the media" and being "very unfair," but the protesters in some cities were at least as angry at the media. The Portland protesters had largely dispersed by early morning. You can watch raw footage from The Associated Press below. Peter Weber