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happy thanksgiving!

Americans will eat 46 million turkeys this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the second favorite holiday of Americans, bested only by Christmas Day. In celebration of 395 years since the Wampanoag Indians launched a delicious tradition by sitting down to share a meal with the Pilgrims, here is a look at American Thanksgiving by the numbers. Jeva Lange

Number of pumpkin pies at the first Thanksgiving: 0

Number of towns and townships in the U.S. that have the word "turkey" in their name: 15, including Turkey Creek Village, Louisiana, and Turkey City, Texas.

Number of turkeys in the "Presidential Flock": 20

Percent of Americans interested in trying a turducken: 28

Percent of Americans who correctly think pumpkin pie is the best pie: 37

How much worse traffic will be if you try to drive home Saturday rather than Sunday: Up to 40 percent

Percent of Americans anticipating political conversation at the dinner table: 45 percent

Average cost of Thanksgiving for 10 people: $49.87

Percent of American homes with a dishwasher: 69.3

Percent of American homes with a refrigerator: 99.2

Number of people who attended the first Thanksgiving: Over 100

Average price of a night in a hotel if you're traveling over 50 miles from home: $155

Expected number of home cooking fires: Over 1,000

How many calories you'll probably eat: 4,500

Members of the Wampanoag American Indian tribe, descendants of those who attended the first Thanksgiving: 6,500 in 2010

Anticipated calls to the official Butterball Turkey talk-line: Over 10,000

Number of meals expected to be donated by Blue Apron: 181,196

Number of people who watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade last year: 22.3 million

Number of people who watched a Thanksgiving Day NFL game last year: 32.5 million

Turkeys that will be consumed: 46 million

Number of people traveling for the holiday: 48.7 million, the most since 2007

Forecasted weight of all the cranberries produced in the United States this year: 859 million pounds

Total weight of sweet potatoes produced in the U.S. last year: 3.1 billion pounds

Amount spent on Black Friday deals by Americans: Over $10 billion